How to Setup a Lexmark Wireless/Cordless Printer on your Windows Laptop or PC?

08 Jan

Setting up a new device is not easy in the initial phase, especially when it comes to printing machines, setting up a new one might not be hard for some of us but, when it comes to switching up to a new technology or upgrading to a new device, we do want to be cautious. Wireless printing can be very helpful to us; we do not any longer have to sit by a printing machine to print a document. We can connect any computer or device which has a wireless connection to a cordless printing machine and can print while sitting in any corner of the house but you might not understand how to connect it with your laptop/pc but with the right steps you can easily set it up on your own. In this article, we will learn how to set up a Lexmark Wi-Fi printer on a laptop/computer.

Follow these steps to set up a Lexmark Cordless Printer:

  1. Turn on your Lexmark machine.
  2. Install the cartridges if you haven’t already and let the machine perform its usual task.
  3. Turn on the device you want to connect your printing machine with.
  4. Click on start or windows icon on your device.
  5. Go to Control Panel.
  6. Select Hardware and Sound.  
  7. Click on Devices and Printers.
  8. Now on the top-left corner click on Add a printer.
  9. Now select add a network wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  10. Now you will be able to see your wireless printing machine name on the screen, select your device and then click on connect.
  11. Your printer is now ready to use.

If you still have any doubt or face any issue with your printer, then please contact our Lexmark Printer Customer Number Australia. We provide real-time solutions for all of your software and technical needs. You can start a fresh chat session or call on 1800-431-452 round the clock to get in touch with our certified technicians. We are always happy to help. 


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